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View Through A Port Hole

It's bitter cold outside, and we're destined for more of the same tomorrow. Aram hasn't come home yet, so I peeked through the curtains to look at the front porch. It suddenly reminded me of a view to outer space: cold, lifeless and a danger to anything living.

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6 thoughts on “View Through A Port Hole

  1. That's cold and lifeless?! What is that, like 6 inches of snow if shoveled collectively?! Some places get like 80 to 160 inches. You'll get no sympathy from me. lol

  2. I think, from time to time, such a winter is a good and healthy experience. We are used to protect us from nature and the effects of the seasonal climate.Isn´t it somehow calming to know that there is frost in winter and temperatures are below the freezing point? The yearning for springtime is even stronger, when the winter before merited its name!

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