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Winter Scenes, Finally

Well, hello there fellow Vox'ers. I'm just coming up for air, since I'm in the middle of a major project which will, hopefully, be income-producing as well.

I just thought I'd mention that we finally got snow yesterday. I hope everybody in the DC/Maryland area is enjoying a respite. We got wet stuff yesterday, coming down in heavy, white clumps. It's very attractive on the trees during the day. I peeked out last night at it as well. In the yellowish glow of a neighbor's back-door light, the snow-rimmed trees were downright eerie:


Weird, huh? Kind of looks like a ghost moon over ancient ruins.

The scene was a bit more familiar with morning, though:

Pretty, isn't it? Wet and miserable to shovel, though. My husband is outside as we speak, starting in on the slop.

But, the scene from above (and inside!) is quite serene. Enjoy:

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