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Good Fences?

Well, our plumbing stopped a monster truck. They roared water through the pipe at 80 pounds of pressure, to no avail. Something, near the intersection of our sewer pipe and the town’s sewer main, was stopping the pressure hose in its tracks.

Something like…a wooden fence post??

Two weeks ago, our next door neighbors put in a new wood fence. The fence posts are suspiciously near to where that pipe angle to the sewer main might be located. We can’t tell for sure, but part three is going to involve some digging. If it turns out to be the case, then the fence company may be paying off our plumbers, drain cleaners, septic services and heavy duty pipe cleaners.

Actually, those same neighbors had plumbing problems on Thursday. Their plumber said there was some kind of tree root blocking access, he could “feel” it. I wonder if what he reamed through was part of a fence post?

We don’t know for sure. It could be completely coincidental. However, the heavy duty monster truck guys are betting it’s the fence. One of the guys on the truck was an engineer, in the business for 20 years. So, maybe.

Well, I guess we didn’t blow down the Empire State Building after all. But, if that guy is right than a fence will be going down pretty soon.

I’ll keep you…ha-ha!…posted.

More tomorrow.


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5 thoughts on “Good Fences?

  1. Hey, Margy:

    Your About Margy reminds me: I’m doing a series for, I think it’s Maturity Matters, about boomers writing. Interested in letting me send you some interview questions?

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