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Why, It Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

There seems to be no end to our plumbing dilemma. At last count, we had the option of excavating a smallish hole near to the suspected site of the blockage and hopefully restricting any further damage to the property. Now, it seems as though the plumber and excavator will need to tear down a back porch to get to the pipe, regardless of anything else that might need doing. That wasn’t the plan we agreed to last night, so everything’s back up in the air.

I’ve got calls out to our co-owners, on whose side the back porch is located, and the hubby. The co-owners are making desperate calls to other excavator-builders they know. We’re trying to figure out if it’s really necessary to tear down a porch to do this. It would have been nice if the estimate of work included that not-so-minor fact.

So, we’re back at square one. This is long past the point of being funny. I haven’t been able to get much work done because of all these distractions. I’ve got clients breathing down my neck for stuff I still have to do for them – when I’m not driving across town to take a shower or fielding emergency phone calls and emails between any number of different parties.

I need a beer.


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6 thoughts on “Why, It Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

  1. Oh Margy, that so stinks! I hope that this all gets resolved quickly and that soon it will all be a distant memory. Definitely treat yourself to that beer (or three).

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