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To Hell With Plumbing

Just put the outhouse back. What the hell, it worked before.

Who Needs Indoor Plumbing?

I figure we’ll just attach a solar shower and save ourselves a bundle. A bit cold in the winter but, hey, it builds character. And, the inside of that thing smells better than my living room at this point.

I have to say, we got a few looks from neighbors when the port-a-potty guy drove up to our house.


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7 thoughts on “To Hell With Plumbing

    1. Right now it’s laying in a few pieces in the back yard. I might clean it out and fix it up, though. Don’t know if it’ll ever do toilet, er, “duty” again, but it is pretty!

    1. Actually, we don’t think it was the fencing guys after all. The plumbing lines are very deep, and a lot further from the fence than we had at first anticipated.

      The next step is to figure out if any of this is covered by our home/condo-owners insurance!

  1. Hmmm.

    There is still construction going on in my home town, so now and then I have access to a port-o-potty. Personally, I tend to like ’em, at least for #1 kinds of business.

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