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All Quiet On The Eastern Front

So, now it’s a waiting game until Wednesday. That’s when the fellows with the shovels and the backhoes show up at our door. I’ll be making a business presentation that day, so I won’t be around for the first act. That’s when we find out if a 10-foot hole and a repaired connection are all that’s needed. If it’s more, then up up goes our entire back yard.

Our co-owners will be losing only half their porch. They managed to hunt down a good friend of theirs in the construction business (wouldn’t we all like some good friends in the construction business, eh?) who will be keeping watch over plumbers and excavators, to make sure the knee doesn’t get taken off above the joint.

In the meantime, we’re making do with outdoor facilities. At this point, we’re the talk of Whittemore Street, particularly when a large truck with a load of port-a-potties drove up the other day:


His and Hers, I Guess


We got the one on the right. The best parts of this whole scenario were the name and the logo of this company. Ready?

The Throne Depot.

And their logo? I guess it makes the point, but if it were me I wouldn’t do it:


Now That's A Logo For You
Now That's A Logo For You


The guy who installed the, er, throne was very nice – a broad-shouldered, smiling young Hispanic guy who hauled one of the two crappers down for our use. At one point I noticed something sticking out of the side door of his truck. I looked again. Awwwwwwwww! Now if I had to spend all day on a truck like that, with a logo like that and with a job like that, I’d bring along a little friend, too!



The Big Truck's Little Friend


Here, boy!


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