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Things I Never Want To Be

After the last two weeks, I’ve decided I never want to be the following:

  • A plumber
  • A drain cleaner
  • A Town of Arlington DPW Water & Sewer employee
  • An excavator
  • A port-a-potty distributor
  • A septic anything
  • A carpenter/contractor
  • A fence company
  • A fence company insurance agent

And the thing I finally never, ever, want to be:

Without indoor plumbing.


Writer, Walker, Entrepreneur, baby-boomer

2 thoughts on “Things I Never Want To Be

  1. I never want to be the guy who works in the Habanero pickling plant and drop my safety glasses in the vat, grab them out and put them back on my face.

    Or the guy who is cleaning the meat slicer and… Yeah, never want that.

    Or the guy who… Um, hey, you do realize this could get really bad, don’t you?

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