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In The Aftermath

The big hole is no more. The baby backhoe trundled its little way up the street to the transport truck. We have a back yard full of dirt and rubble and a capped pipe that’s above ground level. It’s really quiet, considering all the noise and commotion of the last few days. We still have to put everything back together, but we’re whole and back online.

Happy Trails, Baby Backhoe

Our back yard is flat once again, although it really does look like a battle was fought over it.

No More Hole

There’s a noticeable pipe cap sticking out from the ground, a warning to future fence-builders.

Don't Tread On Me
No Digging, No Fence, Got It? I'm a Sewer Pipe

We’ve got some serious clean up to do. The basements both need to be swabbed out and sanitized. We have to get the back landscaped, since the excavators had to tear out a patio our co-owner built with his own two hands. There’s half a staircase on our front lawn and overall devastation. It doesn’t look that great next to the “For Sale” sign on our co-owners’ side.

Half A Porch
An Ex-Planter
Back Stairs On The Front Lawn

At least they kept the brickwork for the back patio.

The Bricks Are All That Are Left

I have to say, this has left a very sour taste in my mouth. I’m glad it’s over, but am feeling really frustrated at what we’ve been put through. And we’re not even done.


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2 thoughts on “In The Aftermath

  1. What a big bad work in progress, huh? While its good that you’ve got the main problem solved, I’m sure its still frustrating thinking about all the work that remains in its wake.

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