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Served Up Tonight

I’m celebrating my return to near-normalcy by cooking up a batch of soup with veggies from the farmers’ market. Did my outdoor shopping and came home with tomatoes, kale, multi-colored potatoes, a raspberry-pear pie and a fresh loaf of semolina sesame bread. I added that to the carrots, Brussels sprouts, onions, garlic, chick peas, lentils, red quinoa and frozen peas and corn I had on hand. I’ve just now taken it off the boil.

I’ll serve that up with the fresh bread and we’ll have the pie for dessert. Yum!


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9 thoughts on “Served Up Tonight

    1. Simplicity at its best. By the way, I applied to join your Facebook group. It looks really interesting. I’m a foodie, who loves to share photos and recipes!

  1. Here I figured with the bathroom in working order again that you’d be having something like a chili cook off to really give it a good working over and make sure it was all in proper order.

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