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Bread and Potatoes

Very old world, isn’t it? I decided to make a beef stew and, since I had a few brewskis lying around, some home-made beer bread to go with it. The bread came out very nicely, with a fantastic rise for a “quick” bread:

Beer Bread

I’m very fond of this type of bread, not only because it’s delicious but because it’s easy to make as well.

I picked up some multi-color potatoes at the farmers market last week, and decided to throw those into the stew. I think it’ll add additional visual appeal to the overall meal:

Multi-Hued New Potatoes

Don’t You Agree?


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4 thoughts on “Bread and Potatoes

  1. I do agree, sounds great. And now I’m hungry. I made some smoked sausage tonight with corn and mashed potatoes. I also took some beef stock I had frozen and made a big batch of gravy for the potatoes. It turned out pretty good, but I definitely need to work on my brown gravy skills.

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