9 thoughts on “Detailed Pictures Of The Sun Let You Get Up Close And Personal With The Star (PHOTOS)

  1. Gahhhh! I don’t know why, but photos of the sun horrify me. I’m fascinated by astronomy, and I love the photographs of other stuff, but every time I open a magazine as see a close-up photo of the sun, I almost have a heart attack. Literally.

      1. I remember as a kid reading a sci-fi story in one of those young people magazines about the earth shifting closer to the sun and people trying to get off the planet and go somewhere safer. At the end of the story, the main character woke up from her dream, and the reality was that the earth was moving away from the sun and it was turning into a deep freeze.

        That story has always stuck in my mind as being rather unpleasant. (I was pretty sheltered as a kid, so some pretty mild stuff was upsetting to me. We *never* saw horror movies or anything really bad.)

        And when I dream of any kind of sky phenomena, it always freaks me out.

        Just a personal phobia, I guess.

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