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Pre-Election Musings

Well, the midterm elections come tomorrow and they’re predicting a Republican resurgence. Most figure Congress will go red, although the Senate may retain its blue majority.

I don’t really know what to say, or to think. Like a lot of folks, I came into the 2008 election feeling like something new and better was going to happen. I wasn’t sure Obama was quite ready for the presidency, mostly because I feared that we were still too racist to elect a black person to the highest office. I was wrong on that account, or at least I think I was.

What do I say about the Democrats at this point? Disappointed? Here we put in all that effort, to discover that the new majority never really showed up for work. Everything a warmed-over version of what came before, with one concession and broken promise after another (public option? What public option?). And the Republicans? Am I surprised they acted like typical Republicans, i.e., spoiled brats who throw a temper tantrum every time they don’t get something they want? They acted like that, screaming and throwing their rattles, from day one. No one called them on it, no one told them to get over it and start acting like adults for the sake of their country. No one fought for us, in the end. They just sat by, while lunatics shot out windows, thronged town halls, showed up at rallies with guns, painted Hitler mustaches on the President and out-fringed even the most conservative Republicans. And the Republicans just sat there and took it too. The assholes kicked out their own moderates. Go figure.

So now we have Tea Party candidates and comedians holding rallies. Kind of sad, when you think about it. It’s no way to run a country.


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4 thoughts on “Pre-Election Musings

  1. Well, at least the comedians aren’t liars, they are just out for a joke. As for electing Obama, I figured he was a fresh face, has not been afraid in the few instances it’s come up to step up and admit to having made a mistake and that says a lot for a politician. I also noted that the republicans did not even put a fight worthy opponent up against him. Why the hell would you ever bring a Sarah Palin into the picture? At least Joe Biden was old school and everyone knows about his skeletons. And he’s been better about curbing his mouth and making stupid comments.

    I guess what it all boils down to is that we always elect the biggest liar, because they make us believe in change for the better, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Unfortunately, this time around the changes for the better are longer in coming, are not really noticed as much and do not effect as many as needed to be. Obama had the deck stacked against him the whole way, which is why I think that the Republicans didn’t put up much of a candidate or a fight. Why bother? Let The new guy take the full brunt of the crap.

    In the end, it’s more like a scripted WWE wrestling match instead of a country we are running here. People are only interested in keeping their corner of the US safe, having enough to eat with two million cable channels plus free porn on the internet. Other than that, they could give a crap as long as the drama is on TV…

    1. Yes, I have to agree, although I’m not quite that cynical. Obama inherited a god-awful mess, but he’s had two years to show us what he’s made of. And that’s the problem for me right there.

  2. I have daydreams about independents finally rising up and kicking much ideological ass. Forget the self-righteous righties. Forget the smug lefties. I’d like the centrist, the moderate, the politically holistic to finally have a say amongst all this tribal-like factionism crap.

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