8 thoughts on “It’s 9:45 And I’m Feeling Old

  1. Some days I’m that same exact way. Unfortunately, I keep pushing through adn hitting the 2-4AM mark before hitting the bed and then getting up at 8:00AM to do it all over again. Told you I was silly.

  2. I used to get up late. When you get up late, staying up late is easier. I think I still have the same length of day, just I start and finish it at earlier times.

    And yes, it does make me feel old. Responsible. Mature. Yuk.

  3. LOL – that’s pretty much my day! We had friends over last night and from 10pm I was glancing at the clock. They apparently didn’t notice though as they didn’t leave until after midnight. I’ve felt really groggy all day today – there would’ve been a time when I wouldn’t consider an evening a success unless it went past midnight!

    1. God, I hate it when people do that. Some times I just excuse myself and go upstairs to bed, at least when my husband’s around to keep the guests company. If I’m really tired, I get them to leave! LOL!

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