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The Whittemore Street Demolition Derby

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we’re at it again! We’ve reached the next stage in our sewer cleanup and remediation: the restoration of normal conditions in both of our basements. We used to have wooden platforms which rested atop the old plumbing lines. These also held our washer, drier and water heater, not to mention the old toilet down below. Well, those platforms got soaked in sewage and have been removed. I’ve woken up to the sound of hammering, banging and sawing for the last two days. There’s a pile of very old lumber in our back yard. And, oh joy, after all the messing around with nasty residue, my house smells like a sewer again! It’ll dissipate once the cleanup and rebuilding gets finished, but I have to say this is getting really, really old. Almost as old as that lumber.

Basement Lumber and Old Pipes
I Don't Think I'd Use This for Firewood

As you can see, the fence hasn’t gone back up, either. Imagine walking down peaceful, historic Whittemore Street and seeing this behind one of the nicer old houses:

Now There's A Nice View For You!

How appealing! Our condo co-owners have given up trying to sell their unit for now. Who wants to buy a construction project?

Our basement is looking a bit different, too, what with all the annoying appliances moved out of the way so the wood could come out. What the heck, I was planning to visit my in-laws anyway. I’ll just bring another load of laundry with me when I do.

You're Not Doing Any Good Back There, You Know

Our water heater, also due for replacement, is sitting all by its lonely, with no company except a dangling electric outlet and water shut-off. The old toilet stall used to be on the other side of the brick column (behind the water heater).

Hey, Where Did Everybody Go?
I Lost The Toilet! I Can't Believe This - I Just Turned My Head And It Was Gone
Um, Has Anyone Seen The Sink? It Was Right Here A Minute Ago

The back of our basement is amazingly clean, relative to what it was before. But, in case you were wondering where all the stuff the used to be there went, well, look no further:

Then We'll Have To Put It All Back

Oh…did I mention I’ve been talking to the insurance people? We might actually see some money back soon. Cross your fingers, toes and eyes for us!


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8 thoughts on “The Whittemore Street Demolition Derby

  1. I’ll be keeping everything crossed for you as well. I’m sure anyone walking down the street would just think there was a renovation project going on there if they saw all that stuff. I would anyways. 🙂

  2. Wow! That really was some plumbing adventure!! I hope that things are repaired and back to normal quickly and with the help of the insurance company. After 12 months the row house joining us on one side finally sold and the buyer did a lot of work before she moved in including some bathroom work – those smells seem to seep through the wall!

    1. Actually, I just heard from my insurance company. They’re processing an advance payment of $20,000. That would really help!

    1. Now, wouldn’t that be nice? Don’t know about the “sweat equity” part, though. At this point in my life, sore muscles make that a whole lot less than possible!

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