6 thoughts on “To Be Of Use

  1. The pitcher cries for water to carry…

    I hear people all the time who are bashing the unemployed and how they are leaching off society. Yet, so many of the unemployed would give anything to be amongst the lucky to be employed. To go to work, with purpose and filled with life and hope again. To make a difference, not just a paycheck. I hear these words loud and clear.

    1. *raises hand* Yes, yes, me too.

      What many of these bashers forget is that oftentimes, “entitlement” recipients are still working in some fashion. Yes, the more obvious (and fortunate) are able to hold employment while still receiving benefits, but those of us who don’t… that doesn’t mean we do nothing.

      I am a husband and father who still does housework and is actively engaged in the education of his children. This holiday season I am quietly compiling a church lady cookbook. In the spring, I plan to inquire about volunteering to teach kitemaking at the schools, that maybe the Greger family legacy (Google “Margaret Greger”) does not die out.

      1. “Work” has many meanings. I think active engagement in some meaningful activity would be my closest definition. Sounds like you certainly meet that set of criteria.

    2. Yes, that’s so important. Ironic – so many of the people bashing the unemployed are collecting “welfare” in the form of social security and Medicare payments.

  2. The Flash player crashed on me the first time I played the audio file, so I searched for the text of the poem.

    Wow. Just… wow. The last few stanzas echo what I’ve felt about some aspects of collecting for a long time.

    1. The phone blog thing is a new feature on wordpress.com. I often use it for private blogs, if I need to add some information when I’m away from a computer. I might do this more.

      The poem is really incredible. I read it years ago and it struck me. I haven’t forgotten it, to this very day.

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