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Audio To Go

Happy Reading!

What with the holidays and all coming up, I thought I’d recommend a great site for writers and other lovers of the written word. It’s called Sniplits, and it’s dedicated solely to short audio fiction. Stories cover a number of different genres, everything from mainstream literary works to mysteries, science fiction, travel, animals and sports.

The stories, which range from a few minutes to an hour or more in length, are narrated by professional readers. The quality overall is quite good, both in terms of the physical product as well as the writing itself.

Members get to download stories for free each month. The prices for each story are extremely – and I mean extremely – reasonable. I mean, 50 cents to a buck per story reasonable. Just pick out your story and download the mp3 to your computer. From there I usually transfer it to my iPod for listening on the run.

Actually, I listen to audio fiction at night, when I’m getting ready for bed. I hope you’ll check these guys out – they’re white knights as far as I’m concerned. Getting literature passed around is no easy feat and my hat’s off to Sniplits for doing such a good job of it.

Now, get out there and download some stories!


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One thought on “Audio To Go

  1. I have a hard time listening to audio books. I have trouble focusing my attention on it for any length of time. If I read it, I have to concentrate to get past the dyslexia issues and it helps my retention to the point of where I can recall almost everything I’ve read.

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