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From The Fractal Forest

Doing my usual browse through sites used by visual artists. I often find inspiration on Flickr, but tonight my eyes were delighted by this fractal creation on Aviary. I hope you enjoy this image as much as I do:

FractalForest.egg by artcritter on AviaryFractalForest.egg by artcritter on Aviary

And thanks, artcritter!


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6 thoughts on “From The Fractal Forest

  1. Very interesting. From the top, it looks like trees, but on the bottom it looks like something altogether different, like trees growing out of a blackness…

  2. I’m looking at the Aviary site right now. Looks very cool and also web compliant/totally online, which is helpful for those of us who use an operating system outside the mainstream (y’know, besides that one developed in Redmond, WA).

    1. I’m very curious about Aviary. I’m not a visual artist or a composer, although I use similar tools to edit images and sound. I’d be curious to get other people’s take on this suite.

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