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Driving Me Nuts And I'm Not Talking

Today's writing prompt – what's driving me nuts today? My answer is below.

STOP & SHOP Deluxe Mixed Nuts

Oh my. We don't want to go there. Really, we don't. Just read the last 10 posts of my blog and you'll have all the information we need. If you want to dig any deeper, take a Valium first. Or at least give one to me.

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7 thoughts on “Driving Me Nuts And I'm Not Talking

    1. I just got back home from the supermarket with some nuts for baking. I’m going to do a few cookies this year. I went…well…nuts trying to find unsalted, roasted peanuts for a peanut butter-chocolate chip recipe. You use whole peanuts as well as peanut butter and the cookies are out of this world! I finally had to settle for “party peanuts,” unsalted, whatever that means. They’ll probably be okay.

  1. Little boy has a birthday party and gets a cowboy play set with gun belt and two pistols. After the party, his parents take him out to the ice cream parlor and his parents tell him he can order anything he wants. He goes for the hot fudge sundae. While preparing it, the lady behind the counter asks him if he wants his nuts crushed. He jumps back and whips out both guns, points them at her and says, “You want your boobs shot off?”

    Yeah. Guess you had to be there. LOL

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