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‘Postcards From Mars’: 15 Amazing Pictures Of The Red Planet From New Book (PHOTOS)

Jim Bell: ‘Postcards From Mars’: 15 Amazing Pictures Of The Red Planet From New Book (PHOTOS).

The Red Planet, Not So Angry

I love the Mars missions. There’s something downright ethereal about it. The pictures are mesmerizing, at least for me. There’s a human-powered space craft on Mars, guys, on Mars!

Maybe it’s the science fiction buff in me. I remember all those tacky 1950s “alien invader” flicks like The Angry Red Planet. No space monsters, no canals, just a lot of red dirt and some very arid, very beautiful, landscapes. It’s amazing to see an environment where there’s absolutely nothing coming out of the soil. You don’t see that on earth, except for desert areas and those don’t really look like Mars.

In fact, Mars was my inspiration for the deserted and feared lands that the protagonists visit in my fantasy story, The Staff. I call them The Deep Lands because of all the cracks and craters in the ground. There’s nothing living there. In fact, legend has it that the gods punished the former occupants of the Deep Lands by sterilizing the soil and then taking away the air. My dystopian fantasy characters are going to have to cope with that.

So, enjoy the pictures. Mars is an amazing place. Wish I could visit!


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3 thoughts on “‘Postcards From Mars’: 15 Amazing Pictures Of The Red Planet From New Book (PHOTOS)

  1. I told my wife one time that if they ever offered up a chance to be on the Mars Mission, I would sign up and go. maybe not now that I’m fatter and older, but I would have gone then. Heck, now if they’d take me. Just the utter fascination of it. Even if it meant a one way flight there, to never return. I’d go. I’m weird like that…

    1. If I had a chance, I might just go, too! Or maybe I’m just fantasizing. It would take several years to get there, in very uncomfortable circumstances. Then you’d freeze your ass off. You could never go outside without a suit. Bummer. It’s like winter here!

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