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My Charlie Brown Christmas (Tree)

We went and got a tree yesterday, a tiny little thing that sits quite comfortably atop my speaker cabinet. Aram, my Jewish husband, thinks I should be getting the real thing as opposed to the Walgreen’s special I had up last year. I figured he could say that, though, since I’m the one who reminds him when Hanukkah starts.  Actually, I’m the only one who knows where the menorah is. If it weren’t for me, I’m sure the holiday wouldn’t be observed at all.

Since I got out the menorah this year, he volunteered his labor for some tree transportation. I’ve decided to take it slow this year. We’re not traveling to my parents’ house for the holidays so I’ve got some new traditions to establish. Peace and quiet will be high on the list, along with some new sights to see and menus to try. This year, someone else is doing the dishes. Skype will be my stand-in for a 10 hour drive and holiday-inspired family insanity.

But, the tree. We walked down my street to the Arlington Boys and Girls Club. They have a nice selection and I’d rather give them the money. I saw some middling trees at not so middling prices. $30.00 for something that was shorter than me? We walked to the back lot and saw other trees, taller and more expensive. Visions of shedding pine needles danced in my head. I tried to remember where I’d put the damn tree stand. We examined a few more specimens in the bone-chilling cold for a moment or two, then marched back to the $30.00 shorties. I pointed to one that didn’t look too cold and the hubby dutifully lifted it up and started lugging. Then he pointed to another spot. I looked and saw teeny little trees, in their own pine-log stands. $12.00! My husband surrendered the $30.00 lurker and we rushed on over.

I have to say, these were some serious little Charlie Brown Christmas trees. I could lift them in one hand. The branches looked like they wouldn’t hold an ornament up, just like in the cartoon. I was sold. I picked one with more branches than the rest, paid my $12.00 and headed for home. We plopped it on top of a speaker and then headed to the kitchen for a tumbler of eggnog. Success! And I’ll only need one set of lights.

My Charlie Brown Tree


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5 thoughts on “My Charlie Brown Christmas (Tree)

    1. Actually, it did! And the lights kept falling off the branches because there weren’t enough needles on them to hold them steady. What a project!

  1. I have a Charlie Brown tree. The official Peanuts licensed commercial product. I definitely took the easy way out. What you got is the rel deal. Plus, you actually made an effort to find it. You are doing it the right way! Are you going to tinsel it?

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