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So, what’s a Charlie Brown Christmas tree? Something that starts out small and ends up glorious. I figured my tree had the same potential, so I dug out my box of lights and ornaments and got to work. I started by winding one set of lights around the tiny tree. The dang things kept slipping off of the teeny little branches. I finally ended up putting the whole tree onto my coffee table and standing over it. Then I put it back on the speaker cabinet and dug around in my ornament box for some oldies – ornaments that were around when I was a kid. I didn’t have a whole lot of real estate, so I decided to make every bit of it count. I pulled out the oldest of the old, including a Polish-language Christmas greeting bulb that my parents got from God-knows-where:

Merry Christmas in Polish

I found a few more and happily hung them from rather tentative little branches. It worked, though:


I filled the tree with ornaments and wrapped a tinsel garland around the finished product. You know, it’s not too bad, especially with a cloth wrapped around the base and a few – small – presents tucked beneath the lower branches:

It's Done!

Almost done. I took another tinsel garland and wrapped it around our banister. Very festive. I took another garland and wrapped it around the archway between our living room and dining room. Lovely. I’ll get the holiday tablecloth out as soon as the table’s cleared off and we’ll be ready for Christmas!


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8 thoughts on “Transformations

    1. The snow does add a little something, doesn’t it? I’m very fold of that Polish ornament myself. I have no idea where my parents found it. They live in Buffalo, NY, though, which has a rather large Polish-American population. I figure they could find something like that there!

    1. Thank you, Ms. FD! Actually, there’s a great Polish deli in Boston, with fabulous items straight from the old country. I’m going to try and make it there before Christmas.

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