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This production happened somewhat on its own. I’m not a poet and never felt the inclination to follow that particular writing path. But, a story is a story. This rumination actually began with the music. I found it online, at a site called Audio Jungle. The download was offered for free and, after listening to it, I decided to take them up on the offer. It was very contemplative and mellow. I guess I needed some of that.

One night, as I was listening to the music on my headphones, phrases started popping into my head. I ended up writing them down and then arranging them into a rough poem. The process reminded me of refrigerator magnet poetry kits. You take words, arrange them into lines, then move the lines around until everything fits. I eventually added a few of my photos and a video I took over a year ago. The result is below. Oh – there’s one photo that’s not mine: the path. Enjoy!


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    1. No. I tried to, but it wasn’t quite the right thing. I did take the software out for a spin while in the process, though, and got some good hands-on with it.

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