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Cold Blow And The Windy Night

It's Winter on My Front Porch

Well, we’ve reached winter for sure this time. We’re in the first day of a massive nor’easter, a/k/a a very windy snow storm. It’s howling and blowing its head off out there. My candles and Mr. Owl on my front porch are not happy campers right now. I don’t blame Mr. Owl one bit for turning his back on me in the above picture. I should bring him in once I can open the door without it blowing off its hinges and flying down the street. As a matter of fact, I should bring in the candles, too. We’re not going to be lighting them for the next few months.

I looked out of my front door and saw snow falling sideways. I got my camera, because I just love to share. No, I did not open the door.


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4 thoughts on “Cold Blow And The Windy Night

  1. We saw an American news report and the poor journalist was standing out in the snow storm and the snow was blowing horizontally! I did not envy him in anyway. There was snow on our Southern Alps and also on Mt Wellington in Tasmania in the last few days. Snow in Australia in summer! And of course buckets and buckets of rain.

    Do you think the climate skeptics are still disbelieving?

    1. As long as the climate skeptics are paid by the coal and gas companies, we’ll have “doubt.” Man, it’s blowing like mad out there!

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