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It Slows Down, But Never Really Stops

Got a long-awaited special delivery mailing this morning. The hubby brought it in, and I opened my eyes long enough to ask if our wishes had come true. They had. Kind of.

My husband ripped open the envelope and pulled out a check for over $35,000.00. They had an amount down to the penny. Heaven’s knows how they calculated it. Hallelujah! Our reimbursement was in-hand.

Don't Spend It All In One Place

But, being related to our recent plumbing adventures, there wasn’t nothing easy about it. My husband came tromping home from the bank and told me he had been unable to either cash it or deposit it. The insurance company had made the check out to number-number Street Condominium Trust. There is no number-number Street Condominium Trust, just three names on a savings account that our combined households use to pay jointly incurred expenses. The bank wouldn’t accept it.

You hear that, God, Odin, Allah, Budda, Krishna and Jupiter? You stinkin’ hear that? We’ve got to create another account to cash the damn check.

I’m just loving this. Can’t you tell?


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