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BostonMargy Goes Mexican

Don’t know why, but I feel like whipping up a batch of Mexican food, or at least the Americanized stuff with which I’m familiar: tacos, burritos, enchiladas accompanied by lots of rice, black beans, salsa, sour cream and guacamole. We don’t usually eat Mexican, but I picked up a taco kit at the supermarket over the weekend and had to make do with ground beef and spices that had the taste of Taco Bell and the texture of glue. I served shredded lettuce, tomatoes and cheese but it didn’t really take away that fake-taco taste. So, now I want to make the real thing.

Anyone have any suggestions, or any good recipes to share? I’m trolling the web looking for something interesting. For some reason, enchiladas are catching my eye but that could just be the pictures.

Oh, another thing. I’m a spice wimp, so I won’t be downing anything with lots of chilis, no matter how authentic the dish. If you’ve got something tasty and mild, I’d love to try it!


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7 thoughts on “BostonMargy Goes Mexican

  1. denver is a mexican food hub, just come out here and have some lol

    if you want something GOOOOOOOOD. google “denver green chili”
    it’s made with pork (or chicken) and potatoes and other yummy things, very easy VERY YUMMY.

    its not like a regular red chili so dont expect it to be!

  2. Margy, I so wish that my husband would blog. He is Mexican-American and makes the best Mexican food I’ve ever had. First off I’d avoid anything prepackaged, like taco shells. If you can find a Spanish market that has fresh soft corn tortillas then start there. Marinate your meats with lime juice, salt & pepper and any spices that you can tolerate. You can mix in bell peppers, onions etc. Place the meat mixture in the center of the soft tortilla then fold in half. Secure with a tooth pick. Heat up some oil in a skillet and then fry the tacos until their crispy. My husband then lines a plate with papertowels and then places them on it. When that phase is done, if a crispier taco is wanted, place them either in a toaster over or regular oven at about 250 degrees for about 10-15 minutes or so (or until the shells are brown). Let cool, remove toothpick and then add all your favorite toppings. Bueno suerte! (good luck!)

      1. Chicken, pork or shredded beef is good. Is that what you meant? I’ve never had it vegetarian but I’m sure some good tofu might be a suitable subsitute.

      2. Spinach is an acceptable filling, but I’d say more so for enchiladas, burritos, things like that.

        As for other fillings, well… this is where things can move into offal territory, such as chorizo sausage, beef tongue, etc. Visit a humble taco wagon or taco shop sometime, ask someone that can translate the offerings listed in Spanish– you’ll see.

    1. I highlight the words “bell pepper”. It is a chile, just like all its relatives with higher amounts of capsicum. It is JUST like all other chiles, where the heat is contained in the seeds and membranes. However, it is considered mild enough it rates a big fat zero on the Scoville scale.

      So, Margy, I think you can basically substitute a bell pepper whenever you see another chile like a serrano, jalapeño, habañero, etc. Yes, it will not taste precisely the same but I don’t fuss that much if I need milder versions of dishes for family members.

      I am much more heretical culinary-wise when it comes to tortillas: I rather like wheat flour (harina, e.g., harina de trigo) tortillas and use them all the time although I know corn tortillas are preferred (especially when made fresh with good masa).

      I cook Mex a fair amount, especially pozole– a pork and hominy soup. I use tomato juice or V-8 as a base. I should have descrips somewhere in my blog archives.

  3. I posted about making tamales. Lots of work, but so wonderfully bad for you too. We usually make tacos with ground beef and a taco mix that has no MSG and lots of cumin. I love it hot, hot, hot, but the Missus and the kids can only handle plain. LOL

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