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On Being in the Spotlight

My night to shine!

Fiddling About

I've been on stage a few times a few times. I used to play in a folk music band. It was a Celtic and Traditional British band and I was one of two fiddle players. We were a great band!

We were hired to accompany Irish step dancers for an event at one point. We were playing to an auditorium of, perhaps, 1,000 people. I remember taking out my fiddle and playing a few notes. I played into the microphone and, suddenly, the room was full of my music! It was everywhere and I was absolutely awed. Up until then we'd played at coffee houses and other, smaller, venues. This was our first giant concert and it was really amazing. I still remember it, to this day.

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6 thoughts on “On Being in the Spotlight

  1. What a great memory! The music must have been beautiful and then the realization that you were the one creating that beautiful music must have been astounding.

  2. I keep trying to let my daughter know that she should always play her violin to keep that skill up. I think it’s just a great thing when people learn to play any instrument.

    1. There are a lot of benefits to playing an instrument, with musical skill being just one of them. Self-discipline is another great benefit.

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