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Don’t Eat This

I love old cookbooks. They’re a little bit of history, right in your hands. You could tell what was scarce and what was plentiful. My 1918 copy of The Boston Cooking-School Cookbook – known in its current iteration as the Fannie Farmer Cookbook – has wartime recipes to accommodate the lack of white flour, sugar and butter. Presumably, those items were first up to feed the men in uniform. That would have been WWI.

The recipes are another story. Let’s just say we don’t eat like we used to. Who would like a tomato and pineapple salad, with mayonnaise and nut meats? Yes, ‘fraid so: it’s in there.

Tomatoes Stuffed With Pineapple

Peel medium-sized tomatoes. Remove thin slice from top of each and take out seeds and some of pulp. Sprinkle inside with salt, invert, and let stand one-half hour. Fill tomatoes with fresh pineapple cut in small cubes or shredded and nut meats, using two-thirds pineapple and one-third nut meats. Mix with mayonnaise dressing, garnish with mayonnaise, halves of nut meats and slices cut from tops cut square. Serve on a bed of lettuce leaves.

I can’t imagine the combination of tomatoes and pineapples, not to mention nut meats and mayonnaise. I’m not quite I’d ever be the same again, although I do happen to like tomatoes and mayonnaise. But, pineapple? You can have mine, thanks.


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7 thoughts on “Don’t Eat This

  1. I don’t know what nut meat is, and assuming it has nothing to do with “meat” (asin, non-vegetarian meat), I might actually like this one.
    We have a traditional soup thingy that we make with pineapple (called “pineapple rasam”). It tastes salty, sour, spicy and sweet all at once, and I love it. So, I suppose I would like this one too.

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