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Yo, Dinner!

I’m using up the last of the leftovers to put together something really, really nice.

The hubby bought a whole, cut up chicken last week. I only used half for a recipe, and stuck the other half in the freezer. That came out today. His husband-ness also loaded up on kale, which we love with lots of garlic. I cut up the rest of that, and also added some collard greens, for contrast. And don’t forget the mushrooms. Still had half a pack, so out of the fridge they went. I dropped to my knees to examine the lower cabinet, in which we keep our canned good. Tomato sauce? Tomato sauce? Yes! One, lonely, jar left. From there I went to the pantry for pasta. Plenty of that. Cookin’!

I filled my glass with a modicum of white wine, also left over from previous gatherings and no less good for it, and went to work. I washed cut up the kale/collard mixture and set it aside. Took several hefty cloves of garlic and tossed them in the food processor, since I didn’t feel like hand-cutting a pile of sticky garlic on top of the chores I had already assigned myself. I had thawed out the chicken, so I dried it and added some salt, pepper, garlic powder and dried oregano. Rubbed it in, sipping wine and humming a little tune to myself. Before starting, I washed and sliced the mushrooms.

Got out two large pans and filled each with olive oil – lovely! Started them both up, like a pilot about to take off for Honolulu (or Tuscany) and waited for them to heat up. In the went garlic – sizzzzzz! Other pan, in went the chicken – sizzzzzzz! Scooped the garlic around the first pan, then hefted the bowl of greens and started dumping them in, stirring, dumping, stirring, dumping.

Grabbed my tongs and separated the chicken pieces from the bottom of the other pan, turning them over as they browned and sizzled. Yum! Stuffed pan one with as many greens as I could fit. Covered my masterpiece and turned to the chicken. Removed it to a plate as soon as it was browned, then tossed in the mushrooms, scooped them around the pan.

Wine? Red wine? Of course we have red wine. Well, most of the time we do. I grabbed a bottle and dashed a little into the mushrooms, deglazing the pan and stirring. Then I took the tomato sauce and dumped it in with a little water to wash out the jar. When it started bubbling I lowered the heat and added the chicken to the sauce. Covered it and that was that.

Now, for the pasta. About halfway through the cooking I added another pot to the stove, filled with water. Put it to the boil and, when ready, dumped in thin spaghetti and stirred it around.

Just came back up to finish this post after draining the spaghetti. Dinner is going to be nice tonight. If not, well, there’s plenty more red wine!


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