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Mortality: 1 | Gather

I had to share this. Worth reading, for the courage alone.

Mortality: 1 | Gather.

I was recently released from the hospital after a shunt in my portal vein became clogged. It was the third hospital visit resulting from my liver disease in seven years. I have one more visit to go.

This one wasn’t bad. I knew I was in trouble fairly quickly. I responded immediately. I wasn’t hooked up to IVs while there nor heavily drugged. And the hospital is introducing new beds that are actually comfortable and can be slept on. I was in for three days and two nights. Piece of cake, except the food seemed to have gotten worse – if possible. But as I said, I only have one more visit to go. My last one.

I now have three nested shunts in my portal vein. There is no room for a fourth one. When, inevitably, it again becomes clogged that’s it. G’nite Johnboy.


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