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Waiting For Spring

I actually got out of the house today, after finishing a major project and assorted other tasks that had to get done or else. It was a lovely day, although windy. I looked out of a window and saw passers-by in light jackets, nothing more. The sun was shining and the sky was a brilliant blue. Perfect. Time for a stroll, with camera.

After banking and visiting some shop-owner friends to say hello, I set out for Spy Pond, a lovely little park not too far from the house. I’m on a dead-end street in Arlington Center. There’s a stone stairway that goes beneath a bike-path, which then leads out to an athletic field and the park beyond. Spy Pond used to be an ice pond in the old days, and there is still a converted old ice house, which is now used by the Arlington Boys and Girls Club. There’s also a cluster of small houses near the pond. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live in one of them and see the sun rising over the water in the morning. I can’t complain about my house, though, so I content myself with frequent walks to enjoy the area. Heavens knows, it’s close enough.

The pond is still half-frozen, which made for some interesting photographs. There was a stiff wind blowing over the water, but that’s didn’t stop mothers with kids and other assorted pedestrians out to enjoy the warm day. It was a crowded park, but a nice one!

Spring Swan
Spring Swan

I noticed the swan right away and spent a while waiting for it to turn around so I could photograph it from the front. No luck. I clicked on its back-feathers and went on my way.

Icy Shoreline
Icy Shoreline

There were ice floats everywhere, broken up regularly by free, running water. Really pretty and not expected, since it was so much warmer away from the pond. I would have expected everything to melt, but it hadn’t.

Icebergs at Spy Pond
Icebergs at Spy Pond
Waiting for Spring
Waiting for Spring

I guess we’re all waiting for spring. After today, though, I’m a lot more confident it’ll be here soon!


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One thought on “Waiting For Spring

  1. Beautiful pic of the swan. They are such graceful creatures. Spring always seem to take so long back east. I hope you are back in warm weather sooner rather than later though. I’ve heard its been a tough winter there.

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