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Full Moon Rising

Going a little crazy with the camera today, but cabin fever does that to a body. The hubby noticed the moon this evening, while we were having dinner. I couldn’t see it from where I was sitting. I moved to one side and saw a big, beautiful full moon, clear as a bell against a darkening sky. Beautiful!

A camera doesn’t do it justice. Well, okay, my camera doesn’t do it justice. It’s an 8 mega-pixel point and shoot, not a $10,000 Ricoh (or whatever real photographers use these days). Even with that, I thought it was an interesting sight, especially when I fiddled around with the camera settings a bit.

This was taken using a manual setting, no flash:

Moon Rising
Moon Rising

It’s very blurry, unfortunately, but it was the best my camera could do. But then I tried it with the flash and got this ghostly, eerie image:

Ghost Moon
Ghost Moon



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8 thoughts on “Full Moon Rising

  1. my co worker told me that tomorrow night, the moon is supposed to ‘look’ the biggest it has in 18 years… because of the way it will be positioned so close to us.

  2. The moon is simply awesome. I tried taking a picture of the big moon with my cell phone camera, but you know how it is with cell phone looked like cheese gone bad.

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