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Will We Close The Shop?

Budget battle. Looming shut-down. Holy cripes, we’re at it again.

This happened in the 1990s, you know. The Republicans forced a shut-down of government and got walloped in the next election because of it. As far as I can tell, the Tea Party is the only entity that wants the government to shut down if it doesn’t get its way. Sounds like a kid with a tantrum.

Speaking of rants and tantrums, here’s mine. There are two ways to fix the budget problem. First, you raise revenues. Second, you cut expenses. So far, all we’re doing is cutting a minute portion of the expense sheet and expecting that to take care of the problem. The Democrats caved into the Republicans and went along with an extension of the Bush tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy. HELLOOOOOOO! Lost revenue! HELLOOOOOO!

And expenses? Military? HELLLOOOOOOO. Huge expense. Very huge. Why isn’t anyone talking about cutting back on the military?

US Budget
US Budget Income and Expenses

Before anybody talks about slashing discretionary spending, privatizing Medicare or cutting back on social security, let’s talk about tax equity. I’d be a lot more willing to look at the cuts if everyone was paying their fair share – on Wall Street as well as on Main Street (you hear that, GE?). From what I can see, that ain’t happening.

So shut down the f’ing government. I’ll be happy to sit back and watch Tea Party heads roll.

End of rant. End of tantrum. But I’m not feeling better now.


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5 thoughts on “Will We Close The Shop?

  1. Sounds like a kid with a tantrum

    I thought the same thing – new kids in the house who don’t realise the hurt they are causing. They are a selfish bunch, The Tea Party, they don’t care about anyone except themselves – no concept of social justice or equity.

    1. Only when it comes to them. They’re a narrow-minded bunch. I’m sure there are a lot of people who are worried about the deficit, as am I. But there are different opinions when it comes to how to fix it. The “my way or the highway” bunch are kidnapping the process and will drive us off another cliff.

  2. I was not clear about this whole shut down thing until I read this post.
    Temporary efforts are easier than trying to reform the system. Besides less toes to trod on. Why am I not surprised?

  3. WOuld loved to have seen some tea party heads a rolling.

    My only wish is that they would find some way to curtail use of the Emergency Department by Medicaid recipients. Not Medicare, for Older people, but Medicaid, which allows everyone to take their perfectly normal and healthy child to the Emergency room for “My toe hurts” “I got bit by an ant and my foot stings” and “My child vomited one time 12 hours ago and I want him checked.” I an certain if we could put a stop to this ridiculous Emergency room visits we could save the government at least enough to fund Medicare appropriately.

    1. Hmmm. I never heard that about Medicaid. Sounds odd, but maybe the Medicaid patients don’t have a primary care physician, for some reason?

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