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Spring Cleaning

I'm Shovel-Ready!

Well, seeing as the government is still running (limping?), I thought it was time to get out of panic/outrage mode and move on to other things, namely spring cleaning in the garden. It’s beautiful outside: in the mid 50s, sunny and dry. My neighbor, Mary, has already started in so I figured it was high time I held up my end of the bargain. I went out with a variety of cleanup tools, like a rake, a shovel, a pitchfork and a sturdy pair of gloves. Even with them, though, I ended up getting a blister on my thumb. Ahhh, good hard work!

I started in on the roses, which had grown scraggly. I chopped them back as much as I dared, clearing out the dead leaves and branches to make way for the buds already visible there. Done. Ouch. Painful task, out of the way!

From there I scraped old, dead leaves and plant detritus from my garden beds. I decided to pull a lavender bush which had grown woody and invasive. I kept the yellow rose bush behind it, but tossed everything else.

My garden is starting to bloom and I gave it a good bit of breathing room this afternoon. I also raked the thatch from the lawn and cleaned the ground between our hedges. Aaah, yes, nice and clear. I also scraped off old mulch and will replace it with something fresh and new.

Getting Ready for The Growing Season

I raked off enough old, dead grass to re-roof a country cottage! Anybody need some thatch?

Need A Roof?

I also cleared out the vegetable bed by the side of the house. The strawberries are coming back, although it’s too early for fruit. Still, I am looking forward to it! After cleaning out the side, vegetable, garden I sowed the first seeds of the year: spinach. I hate spinach, but my husband loves it. Ah, marriage. Later this season I’ll be putting in herbs, tomatoes and green beans.

I love gardening, especially with my neighbor, Mary, around. She has an incredible green thumb and loves to putter in dirt. I’m looking forward to our garden this year, which will be a car-stopper for sure!

Mary’s a bit ahead of me. A few days ago I caught her putting in some frost-hearty annuals and tidying up her pristine lawn. Sigh. Don’t worry, we’ll get there!

Mary's Yard - Corner
Mary's Yard


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3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. I love seeing the bulbs shoot through the dirt and I was surprised the first year I was here to see my strawberries come back – I just assumed they were dead-dead! I’ve been afraid to cut back my roses because our weather has been so variable – we had a frost one night last week! Perhaps this weekend…….

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