5 thoughts on “After A Few Months With My Writing Group

  1. I was in a writer’s group once. I write sci-fi/fantasy. It was all older men and one woman around my age. The men all just refused to see any merit in my bits of stories/books I had to share and really I was so devastated, I almost quit writing on the spot. They really made me feel worthless. The only thing that kept me from doing so was the woman, who’d been too afraid to say anything positive during, but afterwards she came to me and said, “I would love to read more, if you’d send it to me”. I was in such a state, that I quit the group right then and there and never got back to her. It’s hard to be a writer in those genres if you have a limited group of writers to draw from – and harder if they’re only men.

    1. That sounds horrible. My group is half male, half female. We focus on supporting the writer, at the same time critiquing honestly. Honesty can hurt sometimes, but there are always good elements to a story that we try to acknowledge. I hope you keep on writing!

      1. I’m still writing, Margie:) Since then, I got three stories published. Perhaps I’m not super bad then. I’ll keep plugging away at it for a bit longer, I think.

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