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Spring in New England

I’m with this guy:

I think he’s eating one of our bagels, actually.

It’s blustery and cold outside, with a dull white and gray sky. It’s supposed to rain most of this weekend. Despite that, Mother Nature is moving forward with spring. There are bright green buds on the ends of tree branches, blooming yellow forsythia and crocus. Rhododendron buds are tight against the cold, but getting ready for the flower show later this month. I can’t wait!

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6 thoughts on “Spring in New England

  1. It was suppose to be raining here today but it held off. There is ever so slightly the hint of autumn in the air, the temp has finally fallen below 25C! I adore winter – bring it on.

  2. Interestingly enough, the farmers in our region are actually happy that the warmth of spring is delayed and not coming up too strong, i.e. the crops have some time to adjust. We have plenty of blossoms and blooms but the temperatures are still on the cold side. We do have sunshine, however, and if I could send it along, I would, except my friends and family slightly to the north in Spokane have dibs on it first, hehe. (I’ve seen their weather of late over the spring break– snow and sunshine, alternating– very bizarre. Never seen anything like it.)

    1. I’m sure they need it more in Spokane! It’s been cloudy all week here. Today a bit of blue sky is trying to peek out from above the clouds but it’s still overcast. That’s spring for ya. It’s been raw and cold all week. I’m the sure the spinach I planted has absolutely no objections, though.

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