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Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

Easter EggsDeath and rebirth – the theme of spring! Happy Easter to everyone.

What are all your Easter plans? My husband and I will be going out for an Easter Sunday brunch at a local restaurant.

And, the trees are budding like mad! There’s a crown of fresh, light green over every tree. It’s glorious.

For those celebrating Passover, I hope you’ve had a wonderful week of Seders. I went to my in-laws house on Monday night to celebrate with the whole family, including my two nephews from upstate New York.

Happy Passover, Happy Easter, Happy Solstice!


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7 thoughts on “Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

  1. Our newspaper yet again had an article on a local woman who dyes eggs for Easter in the traditional Ukrainian waxcasting style, much like the ones you have pictured here, I think.

    1. That’s a pretty amazing thing to do. I’ve seen pictures and videos of people doing it and wonder at their skill and patience.

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