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Two Steps Forward…

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I think I’m coming down with an ear infection! Something’s going on in there anyway: pain, dizziness, dulled hearing in one ear.

It’s the same ear that experienced Eustachian tube problems before. I’m going nice and slow, to keep things under control. I even had to pass on a networking event tonight, leaving my biz partner on her own to go. I still feel guilty about that, even though I’d be useless out there tonight.

A biz partner? I’m working with a woman who has a background in sales. I’m helping her with her marketing and she’s helping me with sales strategies.

Marriage made in heaven? Could be!


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2 thoughts on “Two Steps Forward…

  1. Feel better Margy. Apple cider vinegar always helps me when I have an ear infection. Put a few drops in the infected ear and let sit for about 15 minutes before draining.

  2. Flashbacks from childhood… flashbacks….
    then again, my breathing passages just seem to get infected all the time. Right now, it’s allergies, and my lungs are just… well, ew, y’know, I’ve got that wheezy rasp.

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