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My Country’s Day to Play With Fire


Happy post Fourth of July, to all who celebrated! I’m back to work – and to blogging – after four, restful, days off. I haven’t done that in ages and definitely should do more of that again.

My brother- and sister-in-law live in a charming little Massachusetts town called Bellingham. There’s a large lake nearby and that’s where we go to see the fireworks. This year we started with a very tasty potluck dinner (grilled lamb chops, tandoori chicken, tabouli, Asian salad, German potato salad and more. Two fruit pies and chocolate brownies for dessert. Good spread!). After good food and drink, we ambled down the hill to the lake side and enjoyed a front-row seat for fireworks that shot up over the water. Not only did we get to see some pretty spectacular fireworks, we also got to see their reflection in the lake.

Now that’s what I call a celebration!


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4 thoughts on “My Country’s Day to Play With Fire

  1. Private firecrackers/fireworks are not allowed in our state. Too many children blew fingers off, and so they were outlawed when I was a child. Our cities put on lovely New year’s Eve displays every year.

    1. RIght now, it’s illegal to purchase fireworks in Massachusetts. Problem is, they’re legal to by in New Hampshire, right next door. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about blown-off fingers and think they should be handled by the pros only.

  2. Oh snap! Your picture is much cooler than mine (and even Cimmy’s).

    But… did you take the photo? Hats off to you, if you did. Pretty awesome either way.

    1. No – alas! – I did not. I just downloaded it from a free photo site. I didn’t think to bring my camera to the fireworks. Maybe next year!

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