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My Role Model

And now a word about my role model…

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Mom, definitely mom! She did things in the 1960s that women just didn’t. In fact, she was one of the first women stock brokers in the country when she was registered in 1964. She’d been a secretary for a brokerage firm up until then. She took one look at the men on the other side of her desk and said to herself, “that’s what I want to do!”

Mom rose ithrough the ranks and was an Executive Vice President by the 1980s. She owes it to the sheer amount of work she put into it. She’s always been a curious person, willing to try new things. Even at her current age, 87 I think, she’s searching for new experiences.

She’s been my role model without either of us knowing it, assuming that my tendency to push the envelope and work like a dog comes down from her!

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One thought on “My Role Model

  1. She sounds like an amazing woman Margy. Good for her! My grandmother is in her 90s and was one of the first lady engineers. My father worked in high-tech and the majority of my adult life (until now) has been high-tech. Thank goodness for role models! 🙂

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