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From: Elevate Me, Hike 56 (via 300 Hikes)

These stories are too good not to share. The photos aren’t shabby, either. Since I just got back from vacation, I know the old lazy thing.

Elevate Me, Hike 56 Sea level. Too low! Up up up is where I belong. I began among the ocean trees and devilish durians and followed the Cascade Head Nature Conservancy Trail as it steadily rose to a more comfortable altitude. The indolent hours of vacation had taken their toll. I climbed and climbed, afraid of staying on the ground for too long despite the weary trek. My wings were withering in the salty air and the buoyant water did little to lift the dead weight o … Read More

via 300 Hikes


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4 thoughts on “From: Elevate Me, Hike 56 (via 300 Hikes)

    1. Absolutely! The photography is stunning. I love to walk, too, so I can hike vicariously through your blog. Excellent!

    1. Thanks! WordPress is coming up with some very nice new themes. I’m just testing them out. The photo is of the elevator cage inside of the Guaranty building in Buffalo, NY. They don’t make them that way any more, to be sure!

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