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What’s A Cubit?

Well, okay, it rained earlier. Came down pretty heavy for a while, then started to clear up. My mother called a few hours ago, to find out if we were okay. I looked out of the window as I spoke to her, to find a somewhat drying landscape. No problem, if that’s what they call a hurricane.

The hubby called me down for dinner (I’m rebuilding my consulting website and tend to lose track of time when that happens!). I sliced sausages and took another look outside. Nothing doing. Huh. Big deal, hurricane!

Then…hello Noah! It looked like somebody tipped a bucket from a nearby cloud and dumped the water all at once. Pretty impressive. My husband joked about Bill Cosby and his classic Noah routine.

What…you’ve never heard Bill Cosby’s Noah routine? It’s perfect for today. And check out that young, young Bill Cosby!


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3 thoughts on “What’s A Cubit?

  1. “Let’s see here, cubit… I used to know what a cubit was…”

    “Am I on Candid Camera?”

    My wife loves old Cosby material and this is one of her favorites. I do think it’s better with the added studio effects, though, with the *DING* “NOAH…”

    1. Ha ha! Yes, I remember that from way back. There was a “studio effects” version on YouTube, but it had no real video to speak of. I opted for the “live” version instead.

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