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Life On A Treadmill

Woman on treadmill
This is Definitely Not Me

Well, call me a wimp, but I bugged out of the yoga class last night, for two reasons. Here’s my lazy reason: it was pouring rain out and I didn’t feel like getting wet. Yes, you can slap me with a wet towel for that. I was also, weirdly enough, stressed by the thought of going. It’s an expensive membership, even for a short period, and even yesterday afternoon I was heavy-breathing at the thought of the potential damage it would do to my bank balance.

Then I remembered: there’s a yoga class at the fitness center you just joined and paid year’s membership for. Idiot! Just go there.

So, here we are at day number 3 and my 15 minutes of fame on the fitness center treadmill. Don’t laugh – yesterday it was 10 minutes on the treadmill and I limped away afterward. Today I marched on in with my knee brace at the ready. I ran into the gym owner – I love local business – and told him I was feeling all better and could actually start exercising again! He looked happy as can be. He also agreed with my strategy to stick with the treadmills (low impact, he said) and leave the knee-wracking bicycle and rowing machines to the lower-bodily sound. Later on, when I can walk for at least 30 minutes several times a week, we’re going to visit the weight machines to get in some upper body work.

But, for now, walk, walk, walk!


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2 thoughts on “Life On A Treadmill

  1. May I recommend elliptical machines as well if you have access to them? This is what a personal trainer recommended to me, some short time before I had back surgery. She actually steered me away from the treadmills to start. Later– a lot later after surgery, I did incorporate treadmill work, but I had to work up to it.

    The other point I offer for consideration is consistency: shorter workouts and more frequent exercise days really did a lot for me. Your mileage may vary; 10 minutes might not be reasonable at this time, but if you can manage just 5 minutes or less a few times a week, that may be good. I speak for myself, of course– I remember days when just 5 minutes was all I could do.

    The last thing was hydrotherapy, i.e. time in the pool, was very helpful to me. I don’t know if your gym has a pool, but just walking in the water… wow. Water-based exercise really helped me get my balance back, and I am still fortunate to have the same group to work with in the water.

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