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The Bog Man’s Lunch

Bog Man
Dreaming About His Fruit and Nuts

No work out today, but I did trudge to the supermarket to gather vittles for our weekly meals. The hubby wasn’t home, so I ended up unloading the trunk myself. As I pulled out the last bag I noticed something sitting next to it. It was black and wrinkled, and shaped like a banana.

I picked it up for further examination. Oh my God – a banana mummy! My trunk must have been the perfect environment for preservation: hot and dry. No smell at all.  No sand dune, no desert, no bog. Just my trunk!

I’m reluctant to throw the thing away. After all, who else has such an incredibly preserved mummified fruit specimen? Perhaps I should have another look. Didn’t I bring home three plums last week?


Once A Banana


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