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A Day To Wander The Gardens

I suppose it’s a bit lame of me, being a gardening enthusiast and all, but I didn’t realize my own home town of Arlington, Massachusetts had its own garden club. In fact, it’s been around since 1931 or 1932! I found out about this about two weeks before the Arlington Garden Club Tour and today my co-owner Mary and I went to view the gardens of our own home town.

They were…gorgeous! Most were located in Arlington Heights, so a lot of them were terraced, and interspersed with burbling fountains, walkways and separate garden islands and/or areas. These are bigger houses with lots of land, but Mary and I came back with some inspirations. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “A Day To Wander The Gardens

  1. I so want a garden with a gorgeous water feature. Maybe a koi pond or goldfish. Someplace to go wander around in and lose myself for a while. Simply gorgeous pictures. *sigh*

    1. Yes, I especially like the “lose yourself” part. That’s the best aspect of having a garden, for me.

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