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Ghosties and Ghoulies

Well, let’s see…

So far tonight we’ve had a little princess, the incredible hulk, two tiny twin crocodiles (hands down the winners of the cute award), the scream and all sorts of little critters marching up to our door with their Halloween buckets outstretched. Mom and dad were at the bottom of our porch stairs, smiling and reminding their kids to say “trick or treat!” before the hand-out and “thank you!” afterwards.

See, that was worth skipping a networking meeting. The hubby also went to town after he got home, carving a pumpkin and making all sorts of kid-friendly front-porch enticements!

Bwa ha ha ha hahahahahahaaaaa! Happy Halloween!

Carved Pumpkin
Jacky Lantern!


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2 thoughts on “Ghosties and Ghoulies

  1. Sounds like you had some great fun! I really like the jack-o-lantern.

    I decided to let photos do the speaking over at my space. Much easier for me to retell the tale that way, although I might provide more details if readers wish.

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