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My Favorite Christmas Song

This fellow is talking about his family in Australia. No one in my part of the world would be able to partake of the weather in quite the same way, but the sentiment is spot on. Here’s all the dads, grandmothers, moms and siblings who gather in love and celebration this week.


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2 thoughts on “My Favorite Christmas Song

  1. *facepalms*

    Oh dear.

    Oh, oh, oh dear.

    Only about an hour ago, I never heard of this guy, but a British online friend was bemusedly sharing another video of him droning on about comparing Jesus to Woody Allen, zombies, etc. I never was a fan of the “we take the piss with everyone” brand of humor.

    I tried to give this a shot, but had to stop after his adorations to Richard Dawkins (upon reading his Wikipedia article earlier, I should have expected as much). Not really a fan of “come see rabid atheists slug it out with deranged fundies, evangelicals, and anyone else that wanders into the fray” either.

    Sorry, Margy. I know it’d be easier to just keep quiet and shuffle on, and to not comment. I agree with your sentiment. I’d hesitate to have this guy expressing my agreement, however.

    1. Not at all, and not to worry. I wouldn’t post if all I wanted were bland agreements. And, the sentiment is really what does it for me.

      I’m not religious, of course, but sometimes I get tired of the “war on Christmas” crap that gets flung around this time of year. I have to admit that there’s a little “oh yeah? Here’s your war, go to it” sentiment that creeps in around the edges of my reserve and desire to let everybody celebrate as they wish. But, it’s just a little part. Overall, I like the fact that this guy really loves his family and his family really loves him. Couldn’t wish for a better Christmas.

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