2 thoughts on “Oh, Yeah, That’s Me

  1. Hmm. I follow religious dietary law that eschews coffee and tea, but I used to guzzle caffeine-laced sodas with gusto. Then I settled into a more secular perspective: caffeine and me don’t mix very well. I do love sugary-caffeine abominations: Pepsi Blue, all the various flavors of Mountain Dew in strange colors, Dr. Pepper and its mixed varieties, but…

    I got irritable, my sleep was disrupted, and so I had to set it aside. Once in a while, I can take it very first thing in the morning, but after that, yuck. Fifth cup at 11h? Hell no! Not for me.

    1. LOL! I live on coffee, but have to be careful since it does tend to keep me up at night (at least if I drink it too late in the day). I have yet to see God, so perhaps it’s just as well I keep my intake at a consistent level.

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