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The Juice Debut

The Library Ninja
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I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now. I’m a fan of podcasts, particularly if the stories are humorous and well told. We all begin our literary lives by listening. Only later do we actually learn how to read and write. That goes for western history as well as our individual childhoods. In fact, people who never learned to read can still spin a good yarn. It’s in the genes.

So, anyway, about a year ago I came across a website and podcast from this guy called “Juice.” I figure there’s got to be a very young kid in this guy’s life and, if that’s the case, I hope the kid grows up to be the same irreverent smart-alec as his dad. Mr. Juice used to work in a small town public library down in the Appalachians (well, they’re down from me!) and ran into some interesting characters. Very interesting characters. With just enough fictionalization to avoid a lawsuit, he started writing about them in his blog. Then, he started talking about them in his podcast. Then, because I’m a fan of liberries everywhere, I ran across it on iTunes and started to listen.

This guy’s a hoot. His library rogue’s gallery (Gene, Gene the Genealogy Machine; Parka or Mr. B-Natural)  makes me wonder what my local branch thinks of all of its patrons. You know, that geeky one who never trims his beard? Or that harried lady with the two tornado-kids? Or that old-timer who keeps looking for the card catalog. Who’d have thought that the local literati were so…well…colorful?

But, hey, don’t take my word for it. Listen to his description of this particular patron: a hairy, computer-hogging, big-mouthed n’er do well, Parka. He’s named after the ballooning white parka he regularly wears:

Whack job, right? I love it!

You can visit the blog/podcast here:

There you go, Juice. Hope you get lots more folks listening along. You deserve it!


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8 thoughts on “The Juice Debut

  1. In fact, people who never learned to read can still spin a good yarn.

    Well said!

    I am amused when I read or hear about people fretting about how the Internet is threatening books. Before that, the fret was about television. Yet I am given to understand that ancient philosophers worried about books threatening the oral tradition. Same ol’, same ol’, different era.

    I am intensely visual– I process information better by reading it. But Cimmorene seems to do best with a combination of audio and visual, and I have always appreciated her great love for the storytelling tradition. I just now suggested to her that she might supplement her WordPress blog (which is about the stories she writes) with storytelling podcasts. Would you be interested in listening if she did?

    1. I would love to listen. I think stories are designed to be both read as well as heard. Please let me know if she decides to start podcasting stories. Send me the link and I’ll listen.

      1. She has agreed 🙂 I will definitely link you up when things get started. For now, I’ll share the link to her WP blog that she dedicated to her storytelling: as the podcasts as such will be there. She has been working a little bit more on it lately, so there is recent content.

      2. That’s great! I’m going to check out her blog right now. If she podcasts regularly, you might want to help her get the podcast onto iTunes.

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