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My Very First Project for 2012

I’ve been in a very cramped home office for a few years now. It’s literally the smallest room in the house and, over the years, I’ve filled it to overflowing with various and sundry business-related crap. It finally got to the point where I couldn’t walk over the floor without fear of being buried alive beneath the mountains of paper that had accumulated there.  Either that, or I’d trip and get strangled by a USB or power cord. Sheesh. Time to move.

I decided I’d do it right this time. I called in a home office design consultant (no, really, I did!) and found another room that suited: third floor, twice as much room, sunny and all. It was being used as a spare bedroom that got used maybe twice a year.  That was part one. Part two involved getting a contractor friend over to renovate, including ripping up the old, brown carpet that hid gorgeous southern pine floors. Third, we went to Ikea to get some new bits of furniture, including a new desk, a rug, several lamps and a coffee table. Fourth…well, fourth, I had to get all that crap up there.

It’s been a slow but steady job. About half of my office is already up here, but more needs to get moved. I also need some shades for the window, because it’s really REALLY sunny. The spare bed still needs to go downstairs, along with all the furniture that used to be up here. But, I’m at work. My first full day on the third floor – hooray!

After you see the before and after shots, you’ll see why I had to move.

Here’s what my old office looked like:

There used to be a computer here, too
This was after I tidyed up the piles

I think you get the picture. Now here’s the new space, complete with refinished and painted walls, refinished floor and a combination of old and new furniture:

Side View
My new desk

You probably can’t see it, but the desk has adjustable legs. I’m very short, so this has been a godsend! Oh, I have a nice rug, too, that’s near the door:



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4 thoughts on “My Very First Project for 2012

  1. Lovely. I share my office room with my daughter’s toy basket. I use the word “toy basket” in a very loose sense.
    Sigh ! Someday I’ll follow your footsteps, Margy. Until then,I will come here and keep looking at your room.

  2. Hooray! I do like the sound of “project” more than “resolution”, as I’ve said before.

    I had to install a new power supply in my Franken-POS, and so I cleaned up part of my work space, too. But generally, I am helping Cimmy clean the entire house, inside and out, which is another story unto itself.

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