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The Cat and Its Tale

A Gripping Cat-Tale

I have a problem when it comes to cats. I love them. They love me. A meeting with any cat is inevitably accompanied by a few circle-eights around my legs followed by a visit to my lap. They purr. I rub beneath their chin and scratch their ears. They either purr more, fall asleep or play, depending on their age.

But here’s my problem:  I’m allergic to cats. I hate locking them behind doors just because I’m there. Cats have their own ideas about these things and they’re not the least bit quiet about them. It’s annoying for the cat and induces no small amount of guilt in me. I’ve tried antihistamines. Then I’m drowsy, but still stuffed up and sneezing. I must be the price I’m paying for sins I committed in an earlier life.

My love-hate relationship with cats makes me all the more nostalgic for them. I want them, but I can’t have them. So when my podcast friend, the library ninja named “Juice” (no, really) did an entire episode about his beloved cat, Winston, I was all ears. And a lovely cat-tail/tale it was, nice enough so that I downloaded the mp3 just to share with you all. So, sniff, sniff, a-choo!, on with the tale:

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One thought on “The Cat and Its Tale

  1. My in-laws have cats– after a big litter finally died off… they got two more. (Cimmy might tell stories about all of them, down the road. Some might involve the smell of cat piss Juice speaks of.) Then my parents decided a few days ago that they needed to get a cat.

    Like you, I am allergic. It’s gotten a little better than it used to be, but I’m still allergic to cat dander. My skin and mucus membranes itch.

    Cats themselves aren’t too bad… but then there are the odd things cat lovers do… they seem to be the same as anyone that has any sort of small, furry, pet, but it grates on my nerves.

    I still want a dog. I am not allergic to dog dander. I’d be particular about the breed or mix– but I am not swayed by cat fanatics that insist dogs are very dumb by their loyalty and work ethic. They don’t use those terms… but I do.

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